Why Ginkgos.NET and Ginkgos.FR

The big question about the domain name GINKGOS ? well no there is no spelling mistake, the plural of ginko is ginkgos in French.

The Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo) or Tree of forty écus or Tree of silver apricots2 is a species of tree and the only current representative of the family of Ginkgoaceae. It is also the only current species of the division Ginkgophyta.

Originally, I wanted to buy the domain name ginkgos.fr or ginkgos.com but they were both used by professionals, I still had the domain ginkgo.net but it is owned by a person who resells domain names that he has registered. I quickly passed my way because he asked 9000€.

Why two sites, the first one in .NET will allow me to share developments that I do around WordPress or other products. These developments will also be available on GitHub. The .FR domain will be used as a showcase site, and as a subdomain for website projects for you. I offer to help you for free to modernize your site or to set up your site for an association or a project (humanitarian, world tour, …).

So you want to create a site with WordPress? Customize it? Learn more about my plugin or theme? Look no further, you're in the right place.

Ginkgos sites are designed to share tools and offer free help for your association’s site or project.

There are many hosting options (free and paid) with many CMS. I propose you to create or make your site go to the 21st century with WordPress. We discuss your project together, and I will do the implementation or I will accompany you in the implementation to have a finished product that suits you. I will also do the training of the users