Welcome to GinkGos!

A site of tools and help for all.

The tools


You will find the first validated WordPress plugin and my theme.



Wordpress customization tools for beginners and advanced users.


Statistics tools for WordPress.


Theme that you can discover on the websites ginkgos.fr and ginkgos.net


Help to create, maintain and update a website (WordPress).

Why GinkGos.net and GinkGos.com


The opening of the GinkGos.fr and GinkGos.net websites was done on Monday, September 20, 2021. 

I’m currently working on the CT4GG 1.0.0 version which should be available on October 1st 2021 with new features.

The Ginkgos theme is not yet available for download on the official site following the implementation of WordPress 5.8 there is a new constraint. 

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